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All flowers are unique in every aspect, however they are treated equally. We are here to help you take good care of your flowers. Flowers are very attractive and when we received flowers from the person we love it makes us feel super special.

Guide and Tips to care Flowers

Replace water regularly

Every day we need water right? We humans want to be hydrated all the time so that we can survive. Flowers are living entities and so need water just like we do. Make sure there is water in the vase all the time so that your flowers don’t dry out and stay fresh. There will be bacteria growing in the water every day and it would produce an awful smell if we left it like this. That is why we need to frequently clean the water.

Get rid of dead parts

If there is something strange in the part of the flowers you need to get rid of it. The dead part makes water inside the vase difficult to drink. Don’t let a little part destroy your whole flowers, remove them as soon as possible so they won’t affect the rest of your beautiful flowers.

Keep your flowers at a good temperature

Never put your flowers in direct heat of sunlight. Always keep them in a place where the temperature is well regulated. Flowers are sensitive to a hot temperature, and this may dehydrate them. It burns your flowers and so they could not survive in extremely hot temperatures.

Clean the vase before you add flowers

Bacteria from microorganism grow on a dirty vase; we must keep it clean before we put flowers inside. You cannot notice the germs because they are not visible to the eye, but they are definitely there, and we need to get rid of these germs. Without the bacteria on their soil, your flowers will be healthier.

Sharp cut

We need to be careful when cutting the stems of the flowers so that we don’t damage the tissue of the stem. Cut them with a sharp knife or something else that is really sharp so that the stem is cut neatly and it flows fluently while absorbing water.

Keep them away from a dirty environment

Your flowers can’t live in a filthy environment, so avoid dangerous places like smoking areas. Flowers need a breath of fresh and clean air.